Biomimicry Course

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Sajory brings you a workshop-based course where you learn the step-by-step Biomimicry processes that helps you identify your problem, deep-dive into nature for their strategies, and come up with innovative solutions to build your new reality.

                                                                                     *Course content is valid for 30days from enrollment.

We guarantee to blow your mind with all the fun and insightful discoveries that can be made in nature.

  • We are with you every step of the way!

    The examples provided are super easy to follow. You will see other participants go through each part helping you clear any confusion.

  • The more you spend the more you will learn!

    This course content is up to 15 hours including videos and collaborative work on Miro - making it easy to complete in 3 weeks.

  • More heads are better than one!

    We recommend taking this course as a group of 2 or 3 to help each other connect the dots. Bring your friends or we can help you find one.

Introduction to Biomimicry

Play the video to find out what is Biomimicry.



"Brillant course that helped me to the learn the fundamentals and advanced concepts in Biomimicry and allowed me to apply these concepts in the way that I try to overcome problems. Also helped with overcoming problems such as trying to understand whys that nature can be used throughout life and helped me understand this in my own life ."


"I was fortunate enough to recently attend a course on the subject by long-time expert and enthusiast Randah Taher, and it was an absolute eye-opener. It really showcased the art and science behind this fascinating subject, has deepened my understanding thoroughly and given me an actual methodology to be able to extract ideas and inspiration from nature."


"Truly a very interesting concept. The course teaches you to analyze bioprocesses in a different light. Helps in forming your own perspectives on the applications of biomimicry. Summarised the science into an interactive template for thinkers. Definitely a unique experience."


"This workshop is an excellent opportunity to bring nature's wisdom to higher education classrooms and creative research and development spaces. It will broaden the minds of students, professionals, and educators from all disciplines to increase creative confidence and practices to find solutions in nature. "


"Biomimicry at Sajory is an awesome course! It’s exciting to the brain in a way that enhances creativity and critical thinking in a great flow of knowledge! Multiple learning channels are present and they all lead to creative solutions!"

Biomimicry Workshop Curriculum


  • 1


    • What is Biomimicry?

    • Miro Link:

  • 2

    Step1: What is your problem?

    • Challenge Scoping

    • Understanding the Challenge

    • Finding clues in nature

    • Step 1: What is your problem - Completion Quiz

  • 3

    Step 2: Function Scope

    • How to pick a function

    • Selecting a function

    • Step 2: Function Scope - Completion Quiz

  • 4

    Step 3: How does Nature solve this problem?

    • Finding examples in nature

    • Researching Nature - Part 1: Team Elephant

    • Researching Nature - Part 2: Team Rhino

    • Researching Nature - Part 3: Team Owl

    • Step 3: How does Nature solve this problem? - Completion Quiz

  • 5

    Step 4: Research Nature's Strategies

    • Challenge Scoping Findings

    • The Winning Example

    • Building a Diagram - Part 1: Team Elephant

    • Building a Diagram - Part 2: Team Rhino

    • Building a Diagram - Part 3: Team Owl

    • Step 4: Research Nature's Strategies - Completion Quiz

  • 6

    Step 5: Distill (Abstract) design principles

    • Distill Design Principles

    • What is your new reality?

    • Emulating nature

    • Life Principles

    • Picking a relevant Life Principle

    • Step 5: Distill (Abstract) design principles - Completion Quiz

  • 7

    Step 6: Your New Reality: A Prototype

    • Preparing for Your New Reality

    • Your New Life

    • Step 6: Your New Reality: A Prototype - Completion Quiz

    • Your Biomimicry Experience

  • 8


    • Alternate Processes

    • Real Case Studies

    • Miro Link:

    • Biomimicry Canvas - Challenge to Nature

    • Life Principles Tool

    • Using Miro

  • 9

    About Us

    • The Facilitators

  • 10


    • Tim

    • Lisa

    • Yunsun